About the Department

The emergency department of Chandan Hospital has an extensive medical treatment facility to deal with any emergency at hand. The emergency department provides care to patients arriving without an appointment through their transportation or ambulance. It is equipped with eight beds, with five ambulances constantly available 24*7 to pick the patients.

For ease of contact, Chandan Hospital will soon launch "Chandan Hospital App" accessible on a mobile phone just at the click of a finger. This application will enable you to call the ambulance and the requirement is confirmed by the hospital after which the ambulance will reach out to pick up the patient at the nearest location possible. The Chandan Hospital App will even enable you to live track the ambulance location and time of arrival. The contact number of the driver of ambulance is available to the patient for tracking and communication.

The ambulances of Chandan Hospital are equipped with resuscitation machines, portable ventilator, medical gas and Doctor providing initial treatment. Hospital facilities are readily available to receive and treat the patient arriving at hospital premises.

Chandan Hospital’s emergency department is operational for 24 hours a day. Initial evaluation of patients will be performed at triage and then transferred to the concerned department. Though, few patients might get complete treatment at the triage stage.

Emergency & Trauma Services

• Severe bleeding
• Seizures
• Chronic kidney disease
• Hypertensive Crises
• Respiratory problems
• All cardiac-related illness
• Pre ICU care
• Pain Management
• Gastrointestinal Emergencies
• Pancreatic issues
• Renal stone
• Gall bladder stone
• Loss of consciousness
• Poisoning
• Breathing difficulties
• Sports injuries
• Head and spinal cord injuries
• Industrial accidents
• Burns
• Road accident multiple injuries and fractures
• Poly Trauma
• 24 hours of Pediatric emergencies, care, and treatment
• 24 hours availability of anaesthetic help in care management
• 24 hours availability of doctors